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This wiki is meant as a reference point for the complete version history (changelogs) of system software (firmware) updates for modern gaming consoles.


This wiki was created after the Wikipedia community decided to no longer include changelogs in each console's system software page. (

Because we considered Wikipedia's changelogs to be the most complete on the Internet (they included verified changes found by the users that are not included in the official changelogs), this wiki will host that lost information, and we encourage users and visitors to keep updating the changelogs whenever a new system update or feature is released for modern consoles.

List of console system software pagesEdit

Systems released by Sony:

PlayStation Portable system software

PlayStation 3 system software

PlayStation Vita system software

PlayStation 4 system software

Systems released by Nintendo:

Wii system software

Nintendo DSi system software

Nintendo 3DS system software

Wii U system software

Systems released by Microsoft:

Xbox 360 system software

Xbox One system software

'To Do' listEdit

  • We need help with reformatting the system software pages from their Wikipedia templates to templates supported by Wikia. Also, most red links should redirect to their Wikipedia article instead. Please make any changes you consider necessary to accomplish this.
  • In some pages, the most recent firmware updates are missing, due to the page being originally retrieved from Wikipedia's archives. Please add the relevant information from official sources (as well as unlisted changes found by fans -- properly sourced).

Anyone can help. Thank you!

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